Is ‘Maple Water’ the Best Post-Workout Drink?

Is ‘Maple Water’ the Best Post-Workout Drink?

Maple water is an emerging trend for post-workout recovery, providing all the electrolytes you need to refuel, along with beneficial antioxidants and no added sugar.

But is it a good alternative to Gatorade, chocolate milk, or plain ol’ water?

At its core, maple water is a clear liquid that flows from Canadian maple trees for a short time in the early spring. Along with the aforementioned ingredients, it only contains 40 calories per serving, making it a healthier substitute to sugary Gatorade.


If you don’t enjoy sweetness, however…then you’ll probably like maple water. The sweetness is surprising subtle, and once you’ve swallowed, it’s like drinking regular water. Most understandably assume it’d taste more like what you’d cover your pancakes with.

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The bottom line: If you want an alternative to more sugary post-workout drinks that includes good-for-you antioxidants, consider water’s underappreciated and unknown cousin, maple water.

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