If You Always Have to Pee, Try Cutting Back on These 10 Things

If You Always Have to Pee, Try Cutting Back on These 10 Things

A sensitive or overactive bladder is something a lot of people suffer from. Age, pregnancy and other conditions such as suffering from a stroke, or having diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease, poor kidney function and having to take certain medications can all contribute to having trouble getting to the bathroom in time- or just feeling like you have to go, frequently.

In the least it can be inconvenient and annoying, at most, it can be debilitating.

If you have an overactive bladder and have to urinate eight or more times in a twenty-four hour period, and are waking up two or more times at night to use the bathroom (and you’re not pregnant), it could be time to see a doctor. Avoiding the problem and hoping it will go away will only make it worse.

In the meantime, here are ten things that could be helpful to cut back on, to help manage things.

1) Caffeine

coffee pour


Tea, coffee and even chocolate are all sources of caffeine, which can be a strong bladder irritant and diuretic. Try eliminating the temptation for morning caffeine by substituting something else to look forward to when waking up, like a breakfast smoothie.

2) Alcohol

pint beer

Alcohol can not only irritate the bladder, but it can affect the signals to the brain that make you aware of the need to find a bathroom.

3) Stress



Stress can actually be a factor. High levels of anxiety may trigger an overactive bladder. Try adding some deep breathing and relaxation techniques to your day, if you think this may be happening to you.

4) Smoking



Another good reason to quit. Smoking irritates many parts of the body, and the bladder can be one of them.

5) Tomato Products



According to healthline.com, the acid in tomato products can cause increased bladder sensitivity. Pizza, pasta sauces and soups: all up for grabs.

6) Oranges, Lemons and Limes



While eating and drinking fruits like oranges, lemons and limes is a great part of a balanced diet, if you are consuming larger amounts of these, citric acid intake may be affecting your sensitivity and your need to urinate.

7) Carbonated Drinks



Substitute water for fizzy drinks, and you could be better off.

8) Spicy Food



Do you find you’re running to the bathroom after that Indian takeout? Delicious, but try bringing down the spicy level.

9) Artificial and Natural Sweeteners



Honey, sugar and artificial sweeteners like aspartame can be bladder irritants.

10) Raw Onions



You likely aren’t consuming large quantities of raw onions, but some people have been known to find them problematic in terms of bladder control. Try cutting them out and see if it makes a difference.

While limiting your intake of certain foods or drink may cure your bladder issues, it’s always good to see a doctor if problems persist. And if you normally have to find a bathroom every two hours, try holding things for two and a half. By doing retention exercises, the goal is to get the bladder to hold more urine, for longer periods of time.

Other tips include keeping a food and drink diary to see what may be irritating you. And for women, there are always good old Kegels. And for men, men-Kegels!

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