Would You Rather ‘Eat’ Water than Drink It?

Would You Rather ‘Eat’ Water than Drink It?

If you were one of the people that couldn’t get enough of the rain drop cake that enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame last summer, this new U.K. food product is for you.

Skipping Rocks Lab has created a new way of hydration, minus the cumbersome water bottle. They’ve been conceptualizing a way to get rid of water bottles, which are a detriment to the environment once discarded. According to the laboratory’s website, their goal is to “stop 1 billion plastic bottles reaching the ocean every year and to stop 300 million kg of CO2 from ever being emitted.”

Holding Ooho Water Orb covered in special seaweed

That ideology has left us with another ‘rain drop’ method of, well, eating water. More specifically, it’s a palm-sized water blob that’s held together by a special seaweed packaging.

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The ‘Ooho’ is the lab’s first prototype of this kind of product, which isn’t ready for the market just yet. The lab says the seaweed shielding isn’t just environmentally-friendly, but costs much less than using plastic to hold water.

Ooho water blobs on table

You can learn more about this next-Gen method of hydration by checking out their website, or if you’re really sold on chewing water, contribute to its crowdfunding campaign.

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