People Are Now Eating Baked Goods Made from This Insect in Finland

People Are Now Eating Baked Goods Made from This Insect in Finland

Crickets, anyone? How about if they’re baked in a loaf of bread, is that any better?

A recent report on tells the story of a bakery in Finland that is now offering its customers the chance to buy bread made with the famous chirping insects.

Starting last week, you can purchase a loaf made from about 70 crickets that have been dried and ground into flour. The substance is mixed in with wheat flour and seeds at Fazer Bakery and offers consumers “a good protein source,” and also gives them “an easy way to familiarize themselves with insect-based food,” said Juhani Sibakov, head baker at Fazer.

So, what does the bread taste like? Those who’ve tried it say it’s hard to distinguish it from ‘real bread’. It’s simply the idea that can be hard to swallow.

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Most diners in the West aren’t accustomed to subsisting on insects, which is a practice that’s much more mainstream in other parts of the world.  The tiny critters do offer a great source of protein, though.

The bakery’s new product is a reflection of the ban on the sale of insects that are raised and marketed to be eaten, that was lifted in Finland in earlier November.

The Finnish now join consumers in 5 other European countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Denmark in their ability to dine on creepy crawlies.

The world’s insect population is said to outweigh humans on earth by about 70 to 1.

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