This is Google’s Project Nightingale

This is Google’s Project Nightingale

They say it’s all being done in the name of seeking out better treatments for you.

Yes, it sounds like something from a film noir movie involving agents peering at strangers in the rain through venetian blinds, after dark. And, figuratively speaking, it sort of is. 

Google’s Project Nightingale is rather clandestine. But your interest in it shouldn’t stay in the dark. You should care about the project because it may involve your health data, if you are one of the millions of people across 21 states who have had their personal healthcare information gathered for analysis. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has partnered with the St.Louis Catholic hospital healthcare system, Ascension. Together, the two are mining people’s healthcare records in order to recommend new tests to patients, in the name of improving their overall healthcare. 

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The data has been collected without consent. None, however, was actually required, according to the laws. This has now prompted a federal inquiry as it likely sounds as fishy to the feds as it does to you and I. 

Let’s see what happens. Maybe all those trips to the doctor for that recurring sore throat will finally turn into a helpful remedy. Google saves the day. 

Or, maybe you’ll just end up with an overwhelming amount of ads for throat lozenges popping up on your screen as you cruise through online, who knows. If Google makes an incredible discovery and saves the lives of many patients, I’ll forgive them. But I’m not holding my breath, (or trying new throat lozenges). 

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