How to Lose Water Weight Fast

How to Lose Water Weight Fast

If you wake up feeling extra bloated, or that you piled on the pounds overnight, it may just be unflattering water weight.

Here are some easy solutions to get rid of that excess water weight fast:

Reduce salt intake

Eating at restaurants or lots of processed foods are sneaky sources of added sodium that you may be unwittingly consuming daily.

Start practicing reading food labels, and pick brands that have lower sodium content. And if you have no choice but to dine out, you can always request your meal to be made with little or no salt.

Stay hydrated


The solution to reducing water weight is…drinking water?

You bet. Getting enough water into your system can actually help eliminate the excess. Fluid retention is a mechanism used by the body when you’re dehydrated.

So drink plenty of water, or eat hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc. Staying hydrated not only removes excess water weight, but affords a number of other health benefits, too.

Get tested for other issues

“What is causing the water weight? If you’ve had a few too many pickles, drink water and you’ll notice your weight going back to normal within a day. But if it’s linked to hormones, it might take a while,” Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian, told Prevention.

If water weight leaves you uncomfortable speak to a doctor to find out if you should get tested for any underlying health issues. “This could be a sign of a blood pressure issue, medication problem or other health concern,” Taub-Dix added.

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Limit sedentary behavior

The more you move, the more you sweat, and that helps get that extra water out of your body.

Medical News Today explains that a workout can improve circulation and blood flow, reducing fluid buildup in your legs, feet, and other parts of your body.

“Exercise reduces water weight even more by burning through glycogen energy stores. However, replacing lost fluids is vital after any physical activity to avoid dehydration,” the website says.

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