Jamie Oliver calls out Canada on lack of sugary drink tax

Jamie Oliver calls out Canada on lack of sugary drink tax

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is best known for promoting healthy foods in schools and improving kids’ diets, along with the countless shows in the Food Network, of course.

The nutrition advocate and reality TV star took the stage again yesterday, posting a four-minute rant about the U.K. sugar tax in front of the British Parliament. He complimented his government’s “bold, brave move” to instill the tax – and called out Germany, Australia, and Canada to take similar steps.

Oliver is particularly adamant about sugar and its effects; he released a documentary called “Sugar Rush” last year, where he learned about the role of sugar and how it affects health issues worldwide.

“I knew it was logical, I knew it was based in science, and I knew it was the right thing to do, but I didn’t think we’d get it,” he said in the video. “This will send ripples around the world, as far as how these weak, pathetic governments combat the rise in childhood obesity and diet-related disease,” he said in the video.

The British chef even implemented a sugar tax in his own restaurants.

The Canadian Beverage Association quickly rejected the suggestion of a sugar tax in a statement, arguing sugary drinks play a small role in Canadians’ diets.

“Canada’s beverage companies already voluntarily provide a clear calorie label on the front of all of our products, in addition to what Health Canada requires as part of food labeling requirements,” the organization said in a statement.

Having said that, Health Minister Jane Philpott did tell the Canadian Press that the Liberals would look into a sugar tax, but nothing is close at this point.

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