Acting Out Your Plans Helps You Remember Them

Acting Out Your Plans Helps You Remember Them

Lights, camera, action: making a scene of things can help your ideas stick in your mind.

Humans have different kinds of memory. Long term memory helps you recall events from long ago and information you’ve had hanging around in your head for a while.

Short-term memory helps you do things like finish your sentences. And prospective memory lets you do something else. It allows you to complete the actions you have planned- things like going grocery shopping on the way home from the park and taking your umbrella with you to work for the pending afternoon thunderstorm.

But what if your prospective memory is failing? Psychologists at the University of Chichester say this can be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

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And while eating a varied diet, exercising, and keeping up your social life can all help to keep your memory in good shape, something else is a valuable alternative.

Researchers have found that acting out the very event or plan you don’t wish to forget can be beneficial. This is especially true for people with mild cognitive impairment. It can be so helpful that it provides a cost-effective alternative that can help keep people who may be developing dementia living independently for longer.

No, you don’t have to be academy award material. The key is to involve as much vivid detail as possible in portraying the event you wish to remember. Props and make-up, of course, are optional.

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