The Top 5 Health Apps for the Whole Family

The Top 5 Health Apps for the Whole Family

It’s no secret that technology is playing a larger role in the daily lives of people across the globe with about 95 million Americans using their mobile phones ‘either as healthcare tools or to find health information – up 27% from 75 million in 2012,’ according to Manhattan Research.

With devices available and at the fingertips of those from all ages, more and more health apps are becoming available for the whole family – from keeping the family fit and active in both body and mind to being able to track symptoms and set medication reminders.

anatomy for kids app1. This is my Body – Anatomy for Kids

Kids can learn all about human anatomy with the engaging This is my Body – Anatomy for Kids app by urbn; pockets, created with a team of doctors, educators and parents.  Made for ages 6-8, This is my body uses illustrations and to help kids learn about everything from the five senses and how the human body grows and changed through to how the different systems in the body work such as the digestive system and skeleton.

2. Our Family Health

The Our Family Health app allows you to keep track of your family members’ symptoms and medications.   You can track symptoms on separate records for each family member for reference when seeing medical professionals to help in diagnosis and treatment.  For medications, you can set reminders and track dosage.

pocket first aid and cpr app3. Pocket First Aid & CPR

Putting first aid in your pocket, the Pocket First Aid & CPR app from the American Heart Association includes information on Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and Choking as well as cuts and wounds, burns, seizures and more.  Featuring 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations showing how to respond to emergency first aid situations.


4. KidsDoc

KidsDoc is designed to help parents when health problems arise at any time from helping to identify the symptoms through care guides that offer advice and information and what level of care is needed whether it be an immediate connection to medical help such as 911 or if treatment can be done at home there is also Home Care Advice available.The apps features are ‘derived from the clinical protocols used by pediatricians and nurses in 10,000 practices and 400 nurse advice call centers in the US and Canada.’Extras include a Medication and Allergy List as well as Pediatric dosage tables by weight.

iron kids app5. Iron Kids

For parents whose kids who are actively involved in sports teams and athletics, the Iron Kids app by the American Academy of Pediatrics helps young athletes to learn safe strength training, balance and injury prevention through a variety of different exercises including videos, custom workout plans as well as a 45-minute workout program.

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