Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Healthy Dad

Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Healthy Dad

Have you gotten Dad a gift for Father’s Day yet? Are you getting him something other than socks, ties, or underpants for once?

We all know the answer to both of those questions. That’s why we’ve compiled a socks-free list of cool gift ideas for Dad, that will not only show your appreciation for all he does, but add to his healthy lifestyle.

Tom Tom Golfer

Encourage your dad’s golf habit with a Batman-like utility watch for golfers. The Tom Tom Golfer watch is preloaded with data from over 34,000 courses around the world. The watch displays a map that shows every course obstacle, and provides yardages to all directions of each green. With the ability navigate courses with ease, all dad needs to do is work on his swing.

The Better Man Project

From the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health, The Better Man Project is loaded with over 2,000 big-time life hacks your dad can make use of.

Think of it as a comprehensive men’s guide, with tips on everything from health, fitness, nutrition, sex, sports, and more.

FitBit Surge Fitness Tracker

For a busy dad, the FitBit keeps track of fitness for him. The tracker provides real-time stats, like calories, distance, and steps taken, and comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

If your dad’s a runner, he’ll particularly appreciate the GPS technology built in, so he can map out his course for the day.


Your dad can make the healthiest choices based off his unique lifestyle using the ph360  online health program. Once he plugs in his info, the ph360 provides personalized insight and advice on nutrition, exercise, mood, and social interactions. Based off a membership subscription model.

Personalized Training Sessions

Some say getting to the gym is the toughest part of the workout. If that holds true for your father, give him that light kick in the pants with personalized gym sessions with a trainer.

He’ll have no excuse not to work out with a pro hawking on him, and it’ll keep him consistent with his exercise routine. Plus, mom will be happy with a little alone time with dad preoccupied at the gym.

A Pound of Walnuts

A gift from the heart, to the heart. Your dad’s heart that is. A pound of walnuts is like a pound of heart health in a bag. They’re jacked with antioxidants, healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as boosting vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Just make sure he doesn’t eat them all in one sitting – one cup has roughly 200 calories.

Challenging Trivia

A busy mind is a healthy mind, so keep dad’s preoccupied with a big ol’ book of trivia. There’s a reason dad’s seem to know everything, and it’s because they love absorbing knowledge (both useful and non-useful). The Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things from Reader’s Digest should get his brain going and busy for a while.

Don’t blame us when he’s reciting the history of 500 phrases, customs, and everyday products like Kleenex, steak sauce, and honeymoons.

Foam Exercise Roller

Foam exercise rollers are extremely flexible for virtually any of dad’s workouts. He can work on any muscle, from calves and hamstrings to back and lats, with a foam roller.

He may not enjoy the unenviable exercises that come with a foam roller, but hey, at least they’re sweat-proof.

Root 7’s Citrus Zinger and Aqua Zinger

Eating fruit and drinking water are essentials to a healthy day, so combine both with a citrus or aqua zinger. Creating refreshing, cooling, custom drinks has never been easier: press citrus fruit onto the spikes, screw on the bottom, fill with water, and shake. Voila! The best part is, dad avoids  all the preservatives and sweeteners that usually come with store-bought beverages.

The aqua zinger is suited to infuse superfoods such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries; the citrus zinger is ideal for lemon, orange, or lime lovers.

Guy Gourmet Cookbook

This isn’t your average cookbook. Taken from the award-winning Guy Gourmet food blog, it’s stuffed with innovative recipes from well-known chefs like Thomas Keller and Rick Bayless. Your dad will be trying new recipes weekly with this guy’s cooking guide…for guys.

Every beginner-friendly dish is delicious and packed with nutrients, from chili and steak to jambalaya and tacos.

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