Watch this Combo of the 5 Best Ear Wax Removal Videos on YouTube

Watch this Combo of the 5 Best Ear Wax Removal Videos on YouTube

If things sound foggy, it could be wax build up. Here’s what to do.

Removing earwax: most of us use Q Tips. We ignore the warnings. (You’re not supposed to use these handy-dandy tools in your ears because they can actually push your wax farther into your ear canal. You could also damage your eardrum, using them. FYI. If you weren’t aware.)

Anyways. Some people HAVE to remove their wax, though. They over-produce earwax and are required to visit their doctor to have it removed regularly.


How do you know if you should have your earwax removed professionally?

The American Academy of Otolaryngology suggests that you consider asking your doctor to clean things out if you experience earaches, the feeling that you ear is plugged up, partial hearing loss, ringing in your ears, itching, or odor or discharge.

Want to give it a go? Get a sense for what you may be in for- and a disgusting sense of satisfaction- by checking this video out. It’s a compilation of the top 5 earwax removal videos on YouTube.

And if you like that, why not watch the removal of bugs that have become embedded in people’s ears?

Yummy, waxy critters. Crazy. I never want to sleep in the open air again- or maybe my own house, for that matter.

As an aside, someone needs to start making bugs-crawling-in-your-ears-and-invading-your-brain-while-you-sleep horror movies. It’d be a hit. Or maybe we can just start watching these YouTube gross-outs in the theater.

Yummm…popcorn with zits, blackheads and dark caramel colored ear drippings.

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