This Guy Had to Go to The Hospital After Sniffing His Own Socks

This Guy Had to Go to The Hospital After Sniffing His Own Socks

There’s a habit out there to suit everyone. Here’s a new one, but be forewarned, it scores on the ‘gross’ scale, (as if you didn’t already know from the title).

If you like to smell your own toe cheese on a slow Friday night, beware the possible consequences.

According to a recent post on, a man living in Zhangzhou, southeast China, was zipped to the hospital with chest pains this month. It wasn’t a heart attack or anxiety… but rather a fungal infection in his lungs. And it came from his socks.

How do you transmit a fungal infection from your feet to your inner breathing spaces? With class and talent.

This poor man developed the habit of smelling his dirty socks after a long day. Like, for lengthy periods of time. Why this was an attractive past time for him remains unknown- perhaps no Netflix or cable TV was available in his area.

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Anyways, each day he became accustomed to taking long, deliberate sniffs of his infected socks. This caused him to inadvertently inhale the contaminant on his feet, which then went on to set up house in his lungs. And now he has a fungal lung infection that causes him chest pain.

Thankfully, this poor soul is expected to recover. Rather hilariously, the doctor diagnosing him added that the man could also blame his poor condition on-get this- having to be a dad.

“The infection could also be attributed to the patient’s lack of rest at home as he had been looking after his child, leading to a weaker immune system,” Dr. Mai Zhuanying at the Zhangzhou No. 909 Hospital told Fujian Daily, according to

So, it was his wife’s fault. What was she doing, shopping all day or something? These women-when will they ever learn that taking care of your own children leads to smelling your socks all night? It’s an age-old story.

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