For Men: How to Get Out of the House and Have Some (Legal) Fun in a Shed

For Men: How to Get Out of the House and Have Some (Legal) Fun in a Shed

Dad driving you crazy? Retired with nothing but everything to do? Sometimes having the world at your feet with all the hours in the day to explore it is a daunting thing. Most people don’t want to do it alone. Women tend to join circles, groups and go to classes to socialize and meet new people but studies have shown that men don’t always follow the same pattern. Sometimes they have a harder time adjusting to life after retirement.

So what to do? That’s what the Australians were wondering back in the 1990s. And, low and behold, someone came up with an answer: Menssheds. Mens-what? Men’s Sheds.

938654-manningham-men-039-s-shedMen’s Sheds is an organization that brings men together in a friendly and welcoming meeting place, to do a variety of mutually agreed upon activities. It’s actually for men of all ages, not just retirees, but it can be a great place to visit out of the house, for those looking to make new contacts and to have someplace to get out to in later years.

Men’s Sheds can currently be found in Australia, Europe, Ireland, the UK, Wales, Greece and Canada. Groups are being set up in Holland, Sweden and Finland and Spain, and as groups that are “open to all men regardless of age, background or ability,” they are great as “place(s) where you can share your skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills or redevelop your old skills.”

New members are always welcome and members can be assured that “there is something of interest for everyone as the men have ownership of the projects and decide their own program of events.”

And so, what’s to lose? Men’s Sheds have yet to take hold in North America, but they are something to be considered. The World Health Organization stated last month that by 2050, the number of people over 60 years of age alive in the world will double. DOUBLE! And so, that could make for a lot of bored, retired men (and women) hanging around, including myself by that point.

Starting a group meeting place like Men’s Sheds sounds like a good way to tackle the problem of isolation after retirement.

Interested? Anyone can start a group in their area, by contacting the organization’s website. Men’s Sheds will put you in contact with other interested participants in your area.

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