Here Are 5 Top Stories from World Down Syndrome Day

Here Are 5 Top Stories from World Down Syndrome Day

People the globe over shared heart-warming stories of support, encouragement and contribution to break through stigma.

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day and some amazing stories were told.

Down syndrome, otherwise known as trisomy 2,1 is a genetic disorder. It occurs when a person has all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21 in their DNA and it’s connected with a range of disabilities. These can include intellectual as well as growth delays, and certain facial characteristics in the people who have it.

What was top news as celebrations were held? There’s the story of a Canadian couple who adopted a child with Down syndrome after failed attempts to birth their own through IVF treatments. Their son Liam was born with Mosaic Down syndrome. This is a rare strain of the disorder that affects some cells in the body but not others.

And the Vatican even participated. It held a UN event to protest what they are calling a ‘genocide’ against Down syndrome.

For its part, The Huffington Post  provided readers with descriptions of the multiple ways in which people with the condition contribute to society.

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How about adult examples? The story of Tommy and Maryanne Pilling, who both have Down syndrome and have been married for over 20 years, is a good read. details of how the two got hitched years ago. The couple has gone on to defy the predictions of those around them, by staying in their devoted relationship for so long.

Down Syndrome International’s campaign this year was simple. It aimed to increase awareness around the world of the ways in which people with Down’s make meaningful contributions throughout their lives even though stigma often stands in their way.

To learn more and read about the annual day, click here.

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