The Many Benefits of Boredom

The Many Benefits of Boredom

Have no idea what to do today? That could actually be good for you – boredom has benefits.

If it weren’t for the magic of being incredibly bored, we might not be able to fly across the country in mere hours, drive 50 kilometers to work each day, or heat up bread slice by slice in a weird metal contraption that sits on the counter.

Where would we be without boredom?

Experts say that feeling apathetic about life can lead to growth. The constant availability of electronic distraction we have at our fingertips via our cell phones, tablets and computers might make us forget what it actually feels like to be bored, but it can have a purpose: to foster creativity.

No, it’s not the only route towards achievement. And we’re not saying that the Wright brothers (who mastered the art of flying and invented the airplane as we know it) simply sat around in a field all day, until finally at one point, they were divinely inspired.

Figuring It Out


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Chances could be high though, that they had a lot of free time to think, at some point- and it might have brought them to a sort of conclusion.

As author Lars Svendsen is quoted on as saying, “I think that if you wish to sort of find your way out of this boredom, you really have to figure out what to care about.” And the answer to that, obviously, was flying.

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An article on states that if we look to some Eastern traditions, we’ll find that they actively encourage boredom, as a route towards attaining a higher consciousness.

Maybe that’s what our parents were aiming for when we were kids, and they were constantly telling us to “Turn off that TV and go outside!”

Now, it’s that much harder to unplug. It does have its benefits, though- hey, maybe you’ll be the one to discover time travel. You’re a genius in waiting: put down your phone and give it a chance.

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