What Should You Eat? Here Are the Best Foods for Older Women

What Should You Eat? Here Are the Best Foods for Older Women

Food is food, but when it comes to maximizing what’s best for you, all angles matter.

If you used to down a cheeseburger and fries without hesitation, as you reach 50, if you’re concerned about maintaining a healthy weight, you may want to think twice about supersizing your order. An aging body naturally burns calories at a slower rate, when compared with a younger one and you may find as you get older that you can fill up on less. Bad news for the grocery store owner, but good news for your wallet!

When it comes to finding the best foods for older women in particular, regular healthy eating rules apply, things like reaching for nutrient-dense options over calorie-filled wastelands like donuts and candy. In addition to these though, is the idea of finding hormone support through your fuel.

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Some say that eating more healthy fats such as those found in tuna, salmon and sardines can help you manage the side effects of menopause. Omega-3 foods, flaxseed, and soy sources like tofu, miso and edamame can also help. Soy contains natural compounds that mimic estrogen, something your body is producing less of these days.

And as always, you want to stock up on foods that will strengthen your bones, such as dairy products, greens, eggs and molasses (yum!).

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is always your best bet- if you can stock up on some of these special items, all the better.

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