Which Halloween Candy Has the Most Added Sugar?

Which Halloween Candy Has the Most Added Sugar?

Before heading out to trick-or-treat to satisfy that annual Halloween sweet tooth, remember that some popular Halloween treats are a lot worse for you than others.

While snack-sized Halloween candies can seem similar, some pack a lot more sugar compared to others. And that difference may matter: a new study released Tuesday declared sugar “toxic” and warned that it can cause health problems.

Of the 40 candies studied by Cooking Light, the one with the most sugar was Sugar Babies: the 21g snack size packet of candy-coated caramels amazingly contains 15g of sugar. Rounding out the top three were sugary candies including a single Charm’s Blow Pop (13g sugar) and a mini box of Nerds (12g sugar).

Here’s a chart of the sweetest treats:

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