5 Health-Inspired Holiday Gifts

5 Health-Inspired Holiday Gifts

Is getting fit on your holiday wish list? Give the gift of health with these fit ideas!

Have you wrapped up your holiday shopping for the season?

Don’t worry – neither have a lot of last-minute(ish) shoppers. Finding the perfect gift isn’t easy, especially if your list includes a family member with a medical condition, a friend that can’t get a good night’s rest, or colleagues that are trying to get slim.

If that sounds all too familiar to you, we coincidentally have gift ideas for the type of people described above, as well as a few other health-inspired presents that will get your recipients off to a fresh 2017.

Sleeping aids.

healthy-gift-ideas-for-the-holidays-sleeping-aidsHey, we didn’t say they’d be the flashiest gifts – but we promise they’ll be practical, and ridiculously useful.

Trust us – your friend that’s being robbed of sleep will quickly become your new best friend if you get them a Dohm white noise machine to drown out exterior noises. Instead of being awoken by them, the machine will cover up the noise, allowing the person to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. And we all know how important good sleep is to our health.

If you’re looking for a cheaper, low-tech version of a sleeping aid, you can give a journal as a gift. The recipient would make it a ‘worry journal’, documenting any concerns before bed, ‘cleansing’ the mind of thoughts before trying to get some shut-eye.


It may not seem like such a ‘healthy gift’ but getting someone new pots, pans, and kitchen knives can inspire them to cook at home. While cookware can get pricey, affordable – and highly useful – items can still be had, like a quality chef’s knife, for example.


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To complement your kitchenware gift, and to push the whole cooking-at-home-is-better-than-take-out, you can also send the person to some cooking classes. And if you do decide to do this, remember to tell them you got them the cooking lessons to inspire home cooking – not because their cooking is awful.

Large-print keyboards.

Everyone wants to stay connected online these days, and that includes low-vision users. Zoom Text Large Print Keyboards have been called a ‘life-saving tool’ by Kim Graham, the access technology program director at the Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

“I have worked with so many low-vision folks whom, when I enter their environment carrying one of these large-print keyboards, just about to cry because they can actually see the keys again,” she says.

health gifts for poor visionScreen magnification and reading devices are other alternatives for the tech-savvy, low-vision person in your life, ranging from $99 to $129.

Exercise gear.

exercise-gift-ideas-for-holidays“Regular exercise is your best solution for finding the fountain of youth,” says Dr. Diane Schneider, geriatrician and author of The Complete Book of Bone Health.

Considering walking is the best exercise for overall fitness, you can’t go wrong with walking shoes. Exercise bands make for a great gift for the gym rat in your life that is all about that muscle resistance and stretching training. Balance trainers and exercise balls are solid choices for older, active seniors, promoting balance and stability to reduce the risks of falling over.

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Dealing with Diabetes.

A large box of Level Life Glucose Gel would be an ideal gift for someone with Type 1 diabetes, trading in flashiness for functionality, says Arielle Fiffer, design project manager for the nonprofit JDRF. The gels are designed to quickly remedy blood sugar levels that drop dangerously low, and hypoglycemia.


Alternatively, exercise is vital to people with Type 1, so they’d get superb mileage out of an exercise kit: it could contain a fitness band or tracker, a heart-rate monitor, and other types of gym gear or clothing.

Happy shopping!

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