The Most Progressive Exercise Machine on the Planet

The Most Progressive Exercise Machine on the Planet

Fitness fanatics and gym gurus have always stressed static exercise machines pale in comparison to working out with free-weights or circuit training.

Sebastien Lagree, Hollywood trainer and the CEO of Lagree Fitness, decided to create an exercise machine that’s an exception to that rule.

The fitness mogul developed an exercise method that’s now licensed by over 300 fitness studios across the planet. He’s decided with that success to take things to another level, employing the help of BMW DesignWorks – the same designers behind the BMW ‘X’ series – to further push the method with a next gen fitness machine that’s…well, intimidating to say the least:

Known as the ‘Supra’, Lagree claims it’s the world’s first ‘digitally-controlled intelligent fitness machine’. He’s branded it the ‘future of fitness’, with the added technology to his exercise method resulting in users burning up to 400 calories in under 30 minutes.

The idea behind the Supra’s technology is to reduce workout times as much as possible, making the machine a tool of efficiency. He noted “people are spending money on fitness, they’re just not following through with the workout”. The Supra includes an infotainment system (SIS), used to show how to do each exercise, and to track the user’s performance results.

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lagree-fitness-supraformerThe SIS is as innovative as the machine itself, taking three years to develop. Its range of features is impressive: heart rate monitoring; time under tension monitoring (displaying how much weight you are lifting and how long you are holding it); carriage speed monitoring (displaying how fast/slow you are moving); and range of motion monitoring (tracking flexibility performance).

In the future, Lagree plans to develop the SIS further, having it optimize workouts based on the user’s personal performance data – fitness level, current condition, and performance history would all be factored into the equation.

If this all sounds good for you to ditch your free-weights or gym circuit, you better book a plane ticket to The Golden State: the Supra is currently only available at the Lagree Fitness Studio in LA.

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