Six Simple Workouts that Burns Tons of Calories

Six Simple Workouts that Burns Tons of Calories

Most associate serious calorie-burning workouts with aches, pain, and hard work. But on the other end of the spectrum, most tend to think of gentler, low-impact workouts as “easy” or just “what you do when you’re injured.” This isn’t always the case though.

The reality is, easy-on-the-joints activities like swimming or speed walking can be just as sweat-inducing as a ‘real’ workout. Actually, some of the simpler workouts will burn off more calories for you!

Here are six exercises that’ll give you the most burn for your buck. Most won’t require much equipment, if any:


exercising2Here’s one that’ll need some light equipment, whether it’s a rowing machine, or a real rowing boat. Rowing is a fantastic, simple exercise, as it’ll work your legs, back, and arms simultaneously. Good form, like any exercise, is the key to successfully blasting fat with this exercise. Make sure your posture is always correct; ask gym staff is you’re not sure if your technique is sound.

What to do: Try rowing 1,000 meters as quickly as you can.

Calories burned in 30 minutes: 200-250


exercising3There’s a reason ‘swimmer’s body’ is a thing. Swimming works out the entire body, including muscles you didn’t even know you had. Working out doesn’t get easier or more enjoyable than this – put on some goggles, and hop in the pool.

What to do: Swim one fast lap, followed by one leisurely lap for a total of 10 sets each.

Calories burned in 30 minutes: 300-350

Versa Climber

exercising4If you’re not familiar with a Versa Climber, it’s that odd machine at your gym that mimics climbing a steep mountain or scaling a wall. It’s one of the more taxing exercises on this list, but one of the easiest on your joints.

What to do: Step on to the machine, start climbing. If you can last 5 minutes, you’re doing better than most. The key here is to pace yourself. Rest 2 minutes and repeat for 3-5 sets.

Calories Burned in 30 Minutes: 300-350


exercising5Similar to the Versa Climber, the only difference being everyone hates this more. But to give credit where it’s due, the stairmill is great for a healthy heart. And your toned legs and butt will thank you, too.

What to do: 20 minutes here should do the trick. If you get bored easily, choose one of the pre-set programs to keep it interesting.

Calories Burned in 30 Minutes: 250-300

Kettlebell Class

exercising6This versatile piece of gym equipment does it all: gets your heart rate up, improves strength, and melts calories.

What to do: Kettlebell classes are trending right now, with most gyms offering them.

Calories Burned in 30 Minutes: 300-350


This is a gym staple. TRX handles look intimidating at first, but they’re extremely versatile, letting you work out various parts of the body safely. Three simple TRX exercises – rows, push-ups, and squats – that’ll improve upper and lower body strength, are pictured below.

trx-rows trx-pushups trx-squat

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