Think She Sees Things Differently Than You Do? She Does.

Think She Sees Things Differently Than You Do? She Does.

According to, men and women really do see things from a different point of view.

Popular culture has supported the figurative interpretation of this statement for a long time-i.e., when John Gray argued that Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus– but now some new scientific evidence has been added to the mix.

A study done by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, has discovered that men and women look at faces and absorb visual information differently.


In the study, participants were asked to rate how comfortable they were making eye contact with an actor in a Skype-like scenario.

Researchers found that it was possible to conclude with 80% accuracy if the person looking at the actor was male or female simply by analyzing how they looked at the face.

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What were the differences? Women, it was found, tend to look at the left-hand side of faces more than men, and have a strong left-eye bias. At the same time though, they explore the face much more than men do.


Who knows what this means and why do we do what we do. The good thing is that researchers are hoping the results can lead to other discoveries.

The team hopes that their results might make an impact in how we diagnose autism, or in learning about how we watch movies and look at the road while driving.

And maybe this will lead to ideas on how we originated from two different planets yet both ended up on Earth.

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