3 Surprising Benefits of Consuming Milk at Breakfast

3 Surprising Benefits of Consuming Milk at Breakfast

From your teeth to body fat, there are benefits far and wide.

Breakfast is the perfect time for chowing down on a bowl of cereal and a banana. Or, last night’s leftovers, if that’s your thing, as long as you’re filling up.

It’s also the ideal time to down a glass of cool, creamy milk. Why? Here are three reasons to stock your fridge with a jugs and jugs of the white stuff:

1) It Could Prevent Cavities

Not only does the calcium found in milk benefit your bones due its basic nutrient content, it does more. A study done by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago proved that when you drink milk after eating, the plaque levels are reduced in your mouth, minimizing the damage it can cause to your tooth enamel. Drink up!

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2) It Can Prevent You From Gaining Too Much Body Fat

A study done at the University of Missouri-Columbia discovered that drinking a glass of milk at breakfast as part of a protein-packed meal is beneficial. It helped overweight teens improve their glycemic control, and reduced their feelings of hunger throughout the day, as well as their daily food intake.

3) It Can Help Ward Off Type 2 Diabetes

Are you pre-diabetic? Research has shown that milk’s ability to stabilize blood sugar throughout the day also contributes to better management of type 2 diabetes. It also raises your chances of avoiding the disease altogether.

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