This Recent E. Coli Outbreak Has Been Connected to a Restaurant in Edmonton, Canada

This Recent E. Coli Outbreak Has Been Connected to a Restaurant in Edmonton, Canada

It’s unofficial, but everyone who’s gotten sick with the infection ate there.

If you’re a Canadian who enjoyed a night out over Easter weekend at a Filipino restaurant, you might wish to stay in bed. At least for a while.

Mama Nita’s Binalot in Edmonton, Alberta has been identified by Alberta Health officials as the source of a serious strain of E. coli. Officials are warning that anyone who has eaten at the establishment located at 1519 Lakewood Rd. since March 15, 2018 should monitor themselves for symptoms, which include stomach upset and bloody diarrhea.

Surprisingly, the restaurant remains open, however. This is because, while all those who have fallen sick ate food at Mama Nita’s, officials have yet to confirm the restaurant as the official source of the illnesses.

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“At this time I do not believe that there is sufficient risk that has not been properly mitigated to justify closing the restaurant,” said Dr. Jasmine Hasselback, medical officer of health for the AHS Edmonton zone.

She added that health officials want to “really make sure that everyone on staff understands strict hand hygiene, cooking things properly. If that bug is present in, say beef or pork, which are quite common, cooking it all the way through is going to kill that bug. This bug can be taken care of.”

E. coli infections can be most dangerous for young children, elderly people and those with compromised immune systems, and can cause kidney failure.

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