5 Senior-Safe Sex Positions (That Aren’t Missionary)

5 Senior-Safe Sex Positions (That Aren’t Missionary)

Senior sex doesn’t have to be boring: these positions will spice up your sex life without putting stress on your body.

When you think safe sex, the first thing that comes to mind is contraception, but for lovers in their golden years, safety during intimate relations has a more literal meaning. Trying out new things in bed is a great way to revitalize your relationship and have fun with your partner, but with age, wild sex positions stop being merely uncomfortable and start being, well, dangerous.

To avoid situations like a hip dislocation or a sprained back muscle, play it smart when you’re under the sheets with your significant other. Being safe doesn’t have to mean monotonous sex life, though: there are more than a few senior-safe sex positions that will keep the fire burning.

#1 Spooning or Side-by-Side

Without virtually any stress to your joints, knees or back, this position is suitable for any age group. As the name suggests, lovers are lying next to each other, the man behind the woman: the penetration can be similar to doggy style (just without knee pain!) or, if possible, the lady can lift one leg to allow entry from another angle.

#2 Take a Seat

If you had a hip or knee replacement, this one is ideal for you. The man is to sit in a chair with his feet firmly on the floor, and the woman should sit in his lap, her feet touching the floor’s surface, too.

#3 69

Mutual oral sex can be just a part of the foreplay or the climax of the evening, but either way, it is entirely safe for seniors of all ages. Do it sideways or while on top of each other (if the female doesn’t have knee problems).

#4 Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

Ladies, take charge! The man should be lying down and the woman straddling him, whether facing her lover or with her back to the partner’s face. Being on top might be a little more work (and not advisable if you have had knee replacements), but being in control does have its perks. Just remember, take it slow and don’t exert yourself.

#5 Take a Stand

In this position, the woman is lying near the edge of the bed, with her legs spread and a pillow under her pelvis, while the man is penetrating from a standing position. This ensures that both parties are comfortable- no stress on the back or joint pressure! Alternately, the man can be kneeling on a few pillows instead of standing.

Find a pose that works for both of you, but don’t go overboard in your desire to up your lovemaking game. Mutual pleasure can be achieved without having to swing off chandeliers!

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