How Listening to Yoga Music at Bedtime is Good for Your Heart

How Listening to Yoga Music at Bedtime is Good for Your Heart

These soothing tunes are great for your mind…and cardiovascular system.

Getting the right amount of sleep each night can be a challenge. Experts say we don’t get enough. In fact, we only get about 7 hours of sleep each night, which is an hour less than Americans did each night, back in 1942.

So, we’re coming up a bit short, and it isn’t so great on our brain, immune system or heart.

How can you combat this? If getting more sleep simply isn’t an option for you, there are other small measures you can take.

Grabbing a nap now and then is one. And listening to yoga music before you fall asleep is another.

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Researchers from HG SMS Hospital, in Jaipur, India have found that listening to youga’s mellow sounds before falling asleep reduces your levels of anxiety, and increases your heart rate variability, something that’s associated with a solid cardiovascular system.

The study included 149 healthy people who participated in three sessions on separate nights. Participants listened to yoga music before sleeping, pop music with steady beats, and also no music or silence before drifting off.

Yoga music was the only one sound to consistently produce marked health benefits for the listener.

Not sure where to get started? YouTube and Amazon have some great sources of both free and paid yoga tunes. Listen up!

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