Posting a Photo of Her Curved Nails on FB Led This Woman to a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Posting a Photo of Her Curved Nails on FB Led This Woman to a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Revealing her ‘clubbed’ nails by chance, may have saved her life.

Social media is useful for many things. Most of us go online to keep in contact with friends, family and even strangers via written updates and photos posted to our accounts that keep everyone abreast of our daily life, big news, small news and more.

You might find out some interesting tidbit of information by logging on, but few people expect to get a medical diagnosis from their posts.

Surprisingly, for a woman from the UK, this is exactly what happened.

Jean Williams Taylor just happened to post a photo of her strange, bent nail on Facebook. She didn’t think much of it, besides the fact that it showed her weird nail that was growing over the tip of her finger and over the tip, to cover it.

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“Did you ever see anything like it?” she asked friends and family, online.

And this is where it started. An outpouring of comments led some to tell her she should see a doctor. Taylor felt this was a bit of an exaggeration but went ahead and did so- and thankfully she did.

After many tests, it turns out Taylor has cancer in both her lungs. Nails that grow over the tip of fingers and curl down are a common sign of lung and heart problems, experts say. They indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood, and while doctors aren’t exactly sure why they grow as they do, curled nails are said by some to be a very reliable sign of lung cancer.

Of course, this strange ailment doesn’t always indicate that you have cancer. If you’ve got clubbed nails though, it’s worth checking in with your doctor to see why you have them. Better safe than sorry!

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