The Positive Side of Commuting

The Positive Side of Commuting

If you dread that daily commute every day, this could be some good news to help you get through it.

People who commute have extra time to themselves that can help them be creative and explore their thoughts in a positive way, according to a study by researchers supported by the Australian Research Council and Australian National University.

As part of the CommutingLife project, researchers aimed to find out how people feel during their commutes.  They surveyed both commuters as well as experts including transportation advocates and traffic reporters.

They found that while commuting is stressful for people, more and more are using the time to “transition between work and home,” with many catching up on their own thoughts or chatting with friends on the phone, or even using a meditation app to help them relax.

So whether you’re snailing along on a rush hour train or catching the bus, the time between work and home is, in fact, time that’s all yours when you think about it.

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