When Should You Consider Physical Therapy?

When Should You Consider Physical Therapy?

Some aches and pains can seem to linger too long. Like the last guest to leave the party, they just won’t put on their coat and go home.

It’s true that the body can take a long time to heal from an injury or other discomfort, but when is a good time to consider seeking out physical therapy?

Opinions vary. Some people like to visit a physical therapist even when they’re well. They are symptomless, but use their visits as preventive medicine, helping to keep their joints in full range of motion, and catch anything that isn’t working well before it flares up.

Others only end up there when something hurts. And sometimes it’s too soon. If an injury is bad enough, it could actually make things worse.  You don’t want the poking and prodding to heighten the situation.

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But for things like joint stiffness and moderate, ongoing back pain, a physical therapist might do the trick. They could recommend a tool that actually works. This was the case for my husband. Years of back pain were loosened up with regular “treatment” on our living room floor involving a foam therapy roller.

So far, it’s the only thing that works. See what’s right for you.

Physical therapists can help you loosen and strengthen your muscles and joints, in order to help you heal and prevent further injury. They can also provide you with an exercise regime to follow, that will strengthen you and keep you healthy over the long term.

It’s true that therapy sessions can be costly, but if you can swing it, they just might be worth it.

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