How to Become a Part-time Vegetarian

How to Become a Part-time Vegetarian

Don’t eat what you don’t like, and choose days that work for you.

Burgers, bacon and some hot breakfast sausage on a Saturday: you gotta love it all. Meat is delicious. But news has it that eating too much of it is ruining our planet, clogging your arteries and making a large dent in your wallet.

The trouble is, going vegetarian is hard. Or, it can be. I’ve tried it a couple of times. If you don’t do it “right”, you could risk becoming anemic and not getting enough iron in your system. And going vegan is even harder. No dairy could mean that your vitamin D levels take a dive.

Being vegetarian can also make it seem like you’re depriving yourself of all that’s truly good and filling.

But how about this: why not try to become a part-time vegetarian? Something beyond meatless Mondays.

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In our house, we’re striving to eat vegetarian dinners every other day. We don’t usually eat meat for breakfast, except on a holiday. And lunches may contain some meat, but just a few slices of ham, and so cutting back on the stuff in the evening really makes a difference.

Here’s what we’ve discovered: greens aren’t really something everyone loves. The kids like salad, but not stewed spinach and chard every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So, that’s out.

What works? Bean soups, veggie burritos, cheese sandwiches, eggs and rice with salad: these are all things my family can grab onto. And by going “part-time”, we still get it all. We don’t have to cut out the bacon, or the roast beef entirely, we just eat less of it.

We now feel lighter, get more fiber, save money and are broadening our culinary horizons. (BTW, have you compared the price of kidney beans to some sirloin, lately? It’s worth a hard look!)

So, here’s my advice on reducing your meat consumption: eat other dishes you like. Choose your days. And don’t beat yourself up when you fall off the wagon.

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