This Is Exactly How You Should Be Brushing Your Teeth

This Is Exactly How You Should Be Brushing Your Teeth

Yes, you’re doing it all wrong. Or, that’s what the internet will have you believe!

When it comes to brushing teeth, many of us are doing alright and covering most of the necessary areas, the majority of the time. Some people, however, (like my preschooler), shouldn’t be trusted past your own nose to get the job done properly.

How should you be brushing? Like this:

1) Do It For 2 Minutes

Brushing your teeth for less than 120 seconds means you aren’t getting the full benefit of the fluoride it may contain. Your teeth won’t be as clean as they could be, either.

According to Colgate, most adults don’t even come close to brushing for this long. Get a stop watch and time yourself.

2) Brush at an Angle

One dentist I visited told me to brush in circles, to mimic an electric tooth brush, when going manual.

Online experts recommend you brush in sweeps or rolls, at an angle. Tilt the brush at about 45 degrees and move away from the gumline.

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3) Cover All Surfaces

Don’t forget to brush the inside and outside of each tooth, as well as the chewing surface. And your tongue!

4) Choose the Right Bristles

You’re not going to stick a BBQ brush in your mouth, we know. But remember that getting bristles that are too soft may be ineffective for cleaning your teeth. Go with a brand name toothbrush, and change it about every three months.

5) Replace it When You Get Sick

It’s a good practice to replace your tooth brush when you’ve just gotten over a cold or some other sickness. Bacteria and germs can build up on your brush. Stay healthy!

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