Are These Thanksgiving Recipes Americans Are Googling By State a Sign? No One Agrees

Are These Thanksgiving Recipes Americans Are Googling By State a Sign? No One Agrees

Thanksgiving brings out the best in people – especially when it comes to cooking. Here’s what we’re searching for this Thanksgiving.

Check it out: here is a map, shown on, of what Thanksgiving recipe was Googled the most in each state.

NO ONE is searching for the SAME thing!

According to this visual, not even one pair of states can agree on what to search, prepare and eat during one of the most important festive occasions of the entire calendar year.

What a pictorial display.


(OK, so pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake are similar, but let’s face it, they are TWO DIFFERENT things).

Does it matter? Incredibly! Well, OK, not at all.

But what does matter is that you get to spend some free time with people you care about and hopefully, indulge in some fantastic food this coming weekend.

So, without further ado, even if you didn’t ask, here you go-our advice for Thanksgiving, and the RateMDs blog category that each point applies to:

1) Cook a safe turkey. Here’s how. (Health)

2) Enjoy some fantastic mashed potatoes, amazing stuffing and the best real gravy there is. (Nutrition)


3) Survive the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade by watching it live streamed on YouTube. (Wellness)

4) Relax after a mad day of shopping with these stretches.  (Wellness)

5) Take care of the leftovers easily with recipes from the Food Network. (Nutrition)

6) Avoid tense dinner conversation with these tips from an etiquette expert, who is looking out for your well being, sanity and continued family life. (Wellness)

7) And if you’re in a position to, why not give to the local food bank? (Living!)

Enjoy your food and laughter, and may there be plenty of it.

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