Sexual Rights for Seniors- What You Should Know

Sexual Rights for Seniors- What You Should Know

If you’re moving to a retirement home, you may have more freedom than you’d think.

Living in a retirement home- or a nursing home- is something that some seniors try to avoid. It can mean your freedoms are reduced, (no more gardening and definitely no more naked dips in the pool).

The idea of leaving that other place that’s been called ‘home’ for many years can be hard for some to swallow.

But it isn’t all bad. If you’re tired of cooking, you can rejoice in the fact that meals are now out of your hands and covered by someone else. And so is your housekeeping. The truth is, your freedoms might not be as constricted as you would think: even sex could still be on the table, (if not literally, so to speak).

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Many homes for seniors now view sexual relations between residents as a positive thing. Times have changed. Sure, it’s still a somewhat taboo subject, but many establishments are recognizing the benefits.

As articles in Psychology Today have pointed out, when residents engage in consensual sex in retirement homes they are happier, calmer and overall, more satisfied with their life. Consensual sex between new neighbors or long time mates improves the overall atmosphere.

And one writer states that it even provides for some good exercise.

If you’re thinking of making the move and transitioning from your home to a seniors’ residence, it can’t hurt to inquire about their stance and policy on sex. You may find that things are much different than you might expect.

Remember, it’s no longer the 1950s (or the 1980s, for that matter).

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