Top Nutrition and Diet Apps

Top Nutrition and Diet Apps

If you’ve ever been in the grocery store for your weekly shop and looked over to see a fellow shopper scanning the side of a box of cereal or other product, they might very well have been putting one of these nutrition-boosting applications to use. We’ve rounded up some of the popular nutrition and diet apps that are aiming to help you track and trim.


HealthWatch 360

With key features that include a food log, fitness log and health tracker, the HealthWatch 360 app charts your overall nutrition.  Tap into daily reports and health trackers to track things like body weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.  The app also has tracking for your medications, sleep quality, stress and allergies.


Fooducate uses a grading system that was developed by scientists and dietitians. Products are automatically graded with the use of a scientific algorithm that takes into account their nutrition facts and ingredient list. The app allows you to compare different products and identify foods that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and by analyzing the nutritional panels on foods can expose unhealthy ingredients such as trans fats, preservatives, artificial colorings and more.

HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder 

HealthyOut is the app recommended by nutritionists and doctors that helps you stick to your nutrition goals when eating out.  Use the app to find stores and restaurants that meet your health needs and dietary requirements. A variety of different filters can be used to find meals that meet your diet preferences including filtering by a type of cuisine and even by specific ingredients.  The app covers nutritional choices such as low carb and low fat, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, lactose free and gluten free as well as diets like Paleo and Atkins.


MyFitnessPal calorie counter app with a food database of 3,000,000 foods which is said to be updated daily.  Features of the app include a barcode scanner to help find foods in the database as well as a daily nutritional summary and the ability to track everything from calories and protein to sugar and fiber. Along with remembering your favorite foods, you can also add multiple foods at once and sync all of your content to your computer for backup. A recipe calculator will even calculate the nutritional contents of your own recipes. MyFitnessPal also includes over 350 exercises and tracking for cardio and strength training.


The ShopWell app is meant to be like having a ‘personal nutrition expert in your pocket.’ It is aimed at helping maintain your personal nutrition goals by scanning barcodes at the grocery store and at home as well as suggesting alternative foods that better meet your health and nutrition needs.  Features of the app include food nutrition facts, calorie counts and other resources to help you avoid food allergies and aid in other areas of nutrition or dietary concerns such as weight management, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, osteoporosis, hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes.

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  • It’s amazing just how advanced these apps have come… You literally have a nutritionist in the palm of your hand! HealthWatch 360 is my new fav. Super easy to use, plus it gives me more nutrition details than I have ever found in an app. This is really refreshing compared to the standard reporting you find in MyFitnessPal and other apps that really are simply calorie counters with not much more. I love the daily nutrition score as a snapshot of my diet too 🙂 Pretty addictive actually!


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