Here’s How a Tummy Tuck Can Reduce Back Pain and Incontinence

Here’s How a Tummy Tuck Can Reduce Back Pain and Incontinence

Researchers say there’s more to the procedure than helping you look your best.

For some, having a tummy tuck done is a purely cosmetic procedure. It looks nice and builds confidence, shall we say.

The surgery may offer patients more than a return to a flat stomach, however. New research has shown that restoring a “pre-pregnancy shape” to a woman’s abdomen can also reduce her back pain and any problems she may have with urinary incontinence.

Sound improbable? Here’s what researchers in Australia discovered.

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In a study that included 214 women undergoing an abdominoplasty- the official term for it- many women reported significant improvements.

(There is one caveat, however. The study didn’t indicate how soon after giving birth the tummy tucks were performed, so it’s difficult to say whether the improvements in back pain and incontinence were a direct result of the surgery. Perhaps these would have taken place naturally, as the women regained their strength post partum. But that’s another issue).

Let’s assume the women involved in the research had been experiencing unresolvable pee-related problems and back pain for a while following their births. It wasn’t going away. The study indicates that the women had an average age of 42 years, and had given birth about 2.5 times.

Significant Improvements

Before the tummy tuck, 51% of women expressed having moderate to severe back pain. Urinary incontinence was also a “significant concern” for 42.5 % of the group.

About 6 months after having the surgery however, things were much better. Impressively, at this time only 9% of patients were still experiencing the same level of back problems. And urinary incontinence had gone down to being a problem for less than 2% of the women.

Why the magic? Researchers think the improvements may have been a result of the fact that the surgery restores strength and stability in the abdominal and pelvic region. Part of the tummy tuck involves repairing any abdominal muscle separation that can occur during and after pregnancy.

Experts say if you’re finished having children and are still experiencing problems in the pelvic and abdominal regions, this procedure might help-that and a bit of Jane Fonda. (Is she seriously 80 years old?? Hard to believe).

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