Canadians Can Now Grow Medical Marijuana at Home

Canadians Can Now Grow Medical Marijuana at Home

There might be a significant upswing in gardeners next summer in Canada.

While Canadian’s can’t legally grow or sell marijuana for recreation yet, the government announced yesterday that they will give permissions for people with prescriptions to grow their own marijuana at home.

Patients can grow two plants outdoors, or five plants indoors, depending on their cannabis needs. Health Canada claims this “provides an immediate solution” in complying with a federal court order mandating the government makes medical cannabis more economical and accessible, according to The Globe and Mail.

“In recognition of the health and safety value of testing, the department is currently working to enable registered persons to access testing services for their own dried or fresh marijuana or cannabis oil,” Health Canada spokesman Eric Morrissette said in an e-mail.

“This would enable individuals to have more information about the potency of the strains they are producing (i.e. THC and CBD levels), as well as information about any contaminants (e.g. heavy metals, microbial) or residues in their product.”

The proposed change, theoretically, should enable those who need the plant to sustain themselves with the amount they are prescribed.

Critics of the new rule, like Colette Rivet, ‎the executive director of the Cannabis Canada Association, warned that home-growing adds greater risks of fire and home invasions.

“There are also potential negative impacts on the neighbours, the landlords, local services and law enforcement,” Rivet said. “And, of course, the other thing is security clearances to make sure the home growers have no ties with organized crime would be a good consideration, because it has been related in the past.”

Keep in mind these new regulations are likely a temporary stopgap, as Canada is still expected to go forward with legalizing the distribution and use of recreational marijuana next year.


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