Ride a Bike to Work and Cut Your Risk of Getting Cancer or Heart Disease in Half

Ride a Bike to Work and Cut Your Risk of Getting Cancer or Heart Disease in Half

Are you afraid of developing cancer and heart problems? Get a bike and start pedaling.

It’s a no-brainer that riding your bike is good for your health. Recent news, however, outlines exactly how great the benefits of getting around on two wheels can be for us.

Researchers working on a study out of Glasgow, Scotland, have found that people who cycle to work- or school for that matter, (the point is they commute on a bicycle) — are far less likely to develop cancer or heart disease.

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In the biggest study ever conducted on the subject, scientists came up with some amazing findings.

They looked at the transportation habits and health status of an impressive 250,000 commuters in the UK.

They found that the further you cycle, the greater your health benefits are-and those benefits are pretty significant.

The More You Cycle, the Better


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People in the study who cycled regularly- they traveled about 30 miles a week, or 6 miles each work day on their bikes-cut their risk of developing cancer by a whopping 45%. They also cut their risk of developing heart disease by a grandiose 46%.

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These are pretty huge findings. Statistics show that almost a whopping 40% of the U.S population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Most of us can change our fate, if we just get moving. Such a simple answer sits at our fingertips.

Biking vs The Gym


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Of course, cycling isn’t for everyone. Those who prefer going to the gym to get their exercise, are still doing a good thing. This counts too, but the beauty of taking up cycling to get to where you’re going, the researchers involved in this study pointed out, is that once it’s a part of your routine,  you don’t need to motivate yourself to exercise. It just becomes a part of your life.

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It’s a fact that you’re much less likely to stop getting exercise and cop out at the last minute if you have to rely on a bike. Most of us need to get home and to work each day. If you start relying on two wheels to get you there, you’re likely to, 1) start loving it and 2) not quit. You’ll continually reap the benefits of consistent exercise.

How to Get Started


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Not biking yet? If you don’t own a bicycle or you have a long commute, all is not lost. Check out Craigslist for a cheap second hand buy, or your other local listings online.

Incorporate some cycling into your day by cutting your driving short. Park a few miles from work and cycle the rest of the way in. If there aren’t major hills to contend with, it’ll be a breeze, and you won’t even notice you’re working up a sweat.

For a comprehensive guide to taking up cycling to work, check out these tips from Active.com.

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