Senior Relationships: Moving in with Your New Partner

Senior Relationships: Moving in with Your New Partner

For older people, moving in with their sweetheart is not without its difficulties.

Let’s be honest: dating in the golden years is not what it used to be a few decades ago. In the 21st century, seniors have much more freedom and enjoy a better quality of life than any generation before them. Naturally, this reflects on their intimate relationships, which can be as rewarding after 60 as they were when you were in your 30s. Some would even argue that, without constant career pressures or hardship of active parenting, love life gets even better as you age!

But rediscovering life as a single person or a part of a new couple is not without its challenges and difficulties when you’re a senior. After all, your perspective can be dramatically different than it was when you were last dating! This is often true when it comes to seniors moving in together.

If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s only a question of time before you start pondering should you move in with your partner. Having someone to share your life with can have countless benefits for older people, from lower living costs to simply having someone by your side at all times- but there are still potential downsides and complications that come with senior cohabitation.

Unless you’re in a traditional relationship, living together with your sweetheart doesn’t have to be about marriage. However, even if you’re not keen on having a piece of paper to make your love “official,” it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a contract of sorts that would protect your interests in the relationships. Unmarried seniors living together are encouraged to get a cohabitation agreement that would eliminate any legal issues down the road.

In addition to pesky legal problems senior can face when shacking up, there’s always the issue that’s common for all generations: what if we’re not compatible for a life together? What if your lovely relationship turns sour once you’re spending day and night with your sweetheart? Granted, there’s no guaranteed way to know for sure if moving in with your significant other is the right choice for you, but there are some things that could give you insight. For instance, spending weekends together or going on a long holiday with your partner before shacking up could paint a better picture of what to expect from your life together.

All things considered, if the next milestone in your senior relationship is moving in together, the best advice anyone can give you is to think it through. Living with your sweetheart might look wonderful on paper, but if you don’t cover all your bases beforehand, things can get really messy really fast.

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