California Couple Celebrates 82 Years of Marriage and Offers Tips on Staying Together

California Couple Celebrates 82 Years of Marriage and Offers Tips on Staying Together

Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz celebrated 82 years of marriage to each other last week, in Tracy, California. Both are over 100 years of age-Rafaela turned 100 last October and her husband is 102, and happily in love.

“Their parents lived to be 112 and 108, and they were also happily married. Divorce isn’t really something our family has experienced,” Leticia Ordaz, one of the couple’s many grandchildren, is quoted as saying on “They’re still so in love. It’s quite remarkable. In every picture, they’re holding hands or trying to kiss each other.”

The Ordazs don’t quite meet the world record for the longest marriage, but they are heading that way. According to the Guinness World Records, American couple Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher still hold the record, being married for 86 years and 290 days when Fisher died in February of 2011.

What’s the couple’s secret to such a long, devoted marriage? Not sweating the small stuff, and mutual respect-and maybe a bit of passion along the way. Said Ordaz, “At one point, my grandfather pulled her aside and said, ‘Rafaela, let’s go to the bedroom now.’ Of course we all heard and started howling!”

Other witnesses to long-lasting marriage cited on have offered the following tips on keeping the flame alive: jealousy isn’t a measure of affection; it’s a measure of insecurity, make your marriage, not your children, your top priority, whatever you do, don’t stop kissing your partner hello and goodbye, and actually, sometimes it’s a good thing to go to bed angry. You forgive and forget while you’re asleep and start fresh the next day. Sounds like good advice, to me.

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