Maintaining Intimacy When Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

Maintaining Intimacy When Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

Often, it’s hard to maintain intimacy with your partner when dealing with erectile dysfunction. But there are steps you can take to keep the relationship strong.

Men who deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) may do whatever it takes to avoid intimacy because they are too embarrassed by their condition. But the truth is that you can maintain your intimate relationship with your spouse or partner even if you suffer with ED. Check out the tips below to do just that.

First Off, Communicate

Communication is extremely important in any relationship, and it is one of the best ways to ensure your connection will remain strong and healthy through all of your ups and downs. But men who suffer with ED may be reluctant to let their partners know about what’s going on, and they may start to avoid having sex without explaining why. As you probably imagine, this could make the other person in the relationship start to feel inadequate. So the easy way to prevent these types of misunderstandings is by simply opening up about your ED and letting your partner know that you want to take steps to remain intimate in other ways.

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Experiment in the Bedroom

When ED is getting in the way of your ability to be sexual with your partner, take it as an opportunity to try out new things. There are sexual techniques, such as oral and manual stimulation, that you can use to pleasure one another. Plus, you could test out various sex toys and positions that will satisfy both of you. Don’t focus on the ED or on achieving an erection; instead, just let things happen as they will, and have fun in the process. After all, you never know where the foreplay will lead.

Don’t Make It All About Sex

Although there are pills that you can consider taking to treat your erectile dysfunction, intimacy doesn’t just translate to how much sex you’re having. There are plenty of other ways to be close with your partner. For example, talking openly about how you feel about one another is a wonderful way to come together and maintain a healthy relationship. Beyond that, you could set aside time to be alone with each other, whether that means doing something sensual like bathing together or just lying in bed together. And you could always do things that you enjoy together, such as going for walks or pursuing fun hobbies.

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Consider Counseling

When all else fails, if you find that your erectile dysfunction is putting a serious strain on your ability to maintain an intimate relationship with the one you love, consider seeing a sex counselor. This professional may be able to give you the tips necessary to overcome your struggles and get back to having fun in between the sheets. The right sex therapist could also help you figure out what is causing your ED, whether it is a physical or emotional problem, and he or she could help you find solutions too. For example, psychological factors might cause ED in younger men, while older men might suffer with ED as a result of another health condition or because of the side effects of prescription medications.

Work Through It Together!

When it comes to erectile dysfunction and intimacy, the key is to work through this surprisingly common problem together. In this way, you’ll be able to determine the cause of your ED and find solutions to overcome it. And by doing so, your bond will grow even stronger.

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