3 Common Mistakes New Runners Make

3 Common Mistakes New Runners Make

Running is arguably the best and most accessible way to get in shape. You don’t need a pricey gym membership, expensive equipment, or the help of others for a good running session – just throw on your sneakers, and head out!

Seeing how easy it is to jump right into running, many beginners start running before they can walk (figuratively). Even with its ease of entry, running still requires a healthy routine; running mistakes can lead to inefficient training or injury.

If you’re a new runner, keep these three common runner mistakes in mind:

Too Much, Too Soon

The most common mistake of greenhorn runners is trying to do too much, too soon.

We understand – getting into a new, healthy hobby like running is exhilarating. But you need to ease into it, building a mileage base before you even think about increasing distance, intensity, and frequency of your runs.

Many experts cite increasing your mileage by no more than 10% each week.

Incorrect Gear


While you don’t need fancy gear to start running, you do need the right gear.

Obviously, the key piece of equipment you’ll need is a good, solid pair of running shoes. Ensure you do your research before buying your runners; check out specialty running stores for the best selection of shoes. Employees can usually analyze your gait and recommend a shoe that’s comfortable, reducing the risk of injury.

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Rest is for the Weak (and Uninformed)

Since running isn’t seen as strenuous on the body as, say, weightlifting, new runners believe they can and should run every day – this is incorrect.

Running is a high-impact activity, and despite what people believe, it can be very hard on the body. This is especially true for novice runners whose muscles and bones aren’t yet conditioned to such exercise.

Give your body ample time to recover. A good training regime should include recovery/rest days.

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