Four Ways to Make Water Less Boring to Drink

Four Ways to Make Water Less Boring to Drink

There isn’t a more welcome sight than an ice-cold, refreshing drink of water during the dog days of summer.

But even the thirstiest will admit: regular water is boring. Despite how good it feels to drink, there’s simply no taste.

Fear not, H2O lovers – there are easy ways to add some flavour to your water, that isn’t the standard restaurant protocol of lemon slices. Adding a little taste may have you drinking water more regularly, which is never a bad thing; it sure beats most alternatives anyway.

Fruit Infusion

For the most straight-forward method in giving your water some zest, load up a jug of water with fruit and leave it in the fridge overnight. A lot of the taste and beneficial minerals should dilute into the H2O during that time.

Any of your favourite fruit combinations will do, but if you need a little inspiration, some popular duos include strawberry and lime, watermelon and honeydew, lemon and raspberry, and orange and blueberry.

Herb Essence

Adding fresh herb essence adds some zing to water similar to fruit-infused waters. Basil or mint leaves in a pitcher of water is a standard go-to, just let it steep before drinking.

You can try adding fruits as well for a truly unique water – mint and watermelon, basil and strawberries, or ginger with lemon.

Flavoured Ice Cubes

If you don’t want a full pitcher of fruit-flavoured water, you can opt for flavoured ice cubes instead. Use puréed fruit, or small fruits like blueberries or raspberries to fill up your ice trays, then fill with water, and freeze. Toss them into your water, and enjoy the slowly-flavoured beverage.

Brew a Batch of Iced Herbal Tea

For both a boost in flavour and nutrition, tea enthusiasts can brew a batch of iced herbal tea.

Fill a pot of tea with hot water and three tea bags, letting it steep for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, take out the tea bags, and empty the contents into a pitcher. Now, throw in a bit of extra water, lemon slices, and ice cubes if you want a frigid drink. Store the brew in the fridge.

To get you started, an excellent herbal tea recipe includes cranberry, raspberry, lemon, and ginger peach.

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