A new ‘Super Seaweed’ tastes like Bacon, and is better for you than Kale

A new ‘Super Seaweed’ tastes like Bacon, and is better for you than Kale

If you enjoy the taste of bacon (who doesn’t) but can’t handle the guilt, there’s a plant option out there that’s healthier than kale, with that greasy taste you love.

In other words, it may be the perfect food.

Researchers from Oregon State University’s (OSU) Hatfield Marine Science Center have created and patented a new type of seaweed that they feel could be the next big superfood.

All because of that bacon taste.2A8BEC8D00000578-3162044-Seaweed_Sarnie_Dulse_seaweed_being_grown_and_harvested_at_Hatfie-a-13_1436957935746

The crazy creation is a new strain of red marine algae that looks like red lettuce, called dulse. It’s packed with tons of minerals and proteins, blowing away similar foods like kale, in comparison.

“Dulse is a superfood, with twice the nutritional value of kale,” said Chuck Toombs, a faculty member in OSU’s College of Business. He’s a part of the team working towards developing the product into food. Until now, dulse has been harvested, dried, and used as a cooking ingredient or food supplement.

“There hasn’t been a lot of interest in using it in a fresh form. But this stuff is pretty amazing,” said chief researcher Chris Langdon. “When you fry it, which I have done, it tastes like bacon, not seaweed. And it’s a pretty strong bacon flavor.”

With a grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Toombs and his team are working with the university’s Food Innovation Center in Portland to employ dulse as an everyday, main ingredient.

There is currently no commercial operation that grows dulse for people to eat, but the OSU team sees the massive potential in this superfood.

If it really tastes like bacon, then they’re certainly off to a great start.

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