Incredibly, Larger Families Have Been Found to Have Less Cancer

Incredibly, Larger Families Have Been Found to Have Less Cancer

If you’re not in one, these families may baffle you. How do they go on road trips??  Does the family own a bus, or a car? What about a simple night out for dinner?

I mean really- how much toilet paper does a group like that go through in one week, and what do Dad and Mom do for a living, own Walmart?? How the heck does one support so many little rabbits?

And finally, how do they all seem to live so long?

OK, not everyone in a large family enjoys extreme longevity. But if you’ve noticed these groups seem to fare better than average families, you’re onto something.

Get this: researchers from the University of Zurich have found that the larger your family, the greater protection you’ll experience against cancer.

The evidence shows that this anti-cancer fact is stronger for men than women.

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Even though women who have many pregnancies have been shown to experience lower rates of breast and ovarian cancer, the results seem to hold true.

Larger families are less likely to experience brain, bladder, lung, stomach, breast, ovarian, colorectal and cervical cancers, as well as melanoma.

The data is strong. Researchers analyzed data from 178 countries in the study, and found that the results were consistent independent of income, levels of urbanization and age.

Why do experts think the key to survival lies in large numbers?

“Family life,” the researchers commented, “though it can be stressful in some ways, creates a special emotional environment which can have a positive effect on the overall resistance to diseases-and thus also protects family members from developing cancer”.

More specifics weren’t provided. It was suggested thought that collaborative parenting, where both parents readily participate, is a supportive family trait that can go a long way towards good health.

So, keep changing those diapers, dad. Thank you, and it’ll only do you good.

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