Flexible Work Hours Could Improve Sleep Health

Flexible Work Hours Could Improve Sleep Health

Falling asleep on your commute? Feeling drowsy at your desk? New research looks into just how much your job and working life affect your sleep health.

Having flexible working hours could be the answer and may be the key to balancing your work life and your sleep life, according to study by the Work, Family and Health Network published in Sleep Health.

For the study, researchers followed 474 employees who were given a more flexible work schedule to assess how it would impact the rest of their lives. These workers were able to sleep in and work from home which removed the stress of having to deal with rush hour commutes and other factors such as time zone differences. Also, the employees were not judged or assessed in any way for not being at their desks all day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Researchers found that, after a year of study, the workers were getting an hour more sleep each week and said they were also having a better nights’ sleep overall. Not only were they sleeping better but the researchers believe that the flexibility of working hours could also lead to better productivity too as work and family conflicts can lead to increased insomnia and other sleep problems.




Sources: Sleep Health
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