Best Condoms for Those Over 50

Best Condoms for Those Over 50

Looking for an extra edge? Some products might offer more than others.

Choosing a condom can be much like selecting apples at the grocery store. You may have a variety you love that you always get. It does the trick and you stick with it.

Or, you may not really have any preference at all: green, yellow, red, they’re all apples. They’re juicy and sweet, and give you a bit of fruit in your hands at lunch, which is what you really need.

But in practice, not all apples are created equal. Some are better for use in certain situations. From cooking to salads, you’re going to want different stuff.

What about condoms? Men and women in their golden years have growing rates of STIs.

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Condoms are a necessity if you’re dating even when getting pregnant isn’t an issue, and some could provide more of what you need.

If a man’s erection is less-than-hard, advises using a condom made of ultra thin polyisoprene. These have been found to transfer more body than Latex condoms, offering a more natural feel that may increase sensation and provide for a better experience.

The site also suggests taking more time to attain a firm erection in these cases and incorporating condom use into your foreplay. If medical conditions are resulting in a weaker erection, a cock ring could help.

For its part, suggests using thinner protection such as Trojan Thintensity condoms and Trojan Bareskins for a harder, longer erection. Lube is also an important element to have on-hand for a pleasurable experience.

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