Don’t like the taste of coffee? ‘NeuroGum’ could be for you

Don’t like the taste of coffee? ‘NeuroGum’ could be for you

If you don’t particularly like the taste of coffee but need a caffeine kick every now and then, NeuroGum could be your morning alternative.

It’s a new brand of caffeinated gum that hit market about two weeks ago. One piece contains 40mg of caffeine (a cup of coffee has around 100mg or more). And no, you won’t get coffee breath from these chewables.

The company markets the product as “nootropic caffeine + L-theanine blend with brain boosting B-vitamins [that] are scientifically proven to enhance focus and cognition, all while giving you a fresh breath of energy without the jitters or crash.”

Founders Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen say the difference in their gum is the nootropics, compounds thought to improve mental function, and are even referred to as “smart drugs”.

Besides that, they think it just tastes better than the competitors.

“Caffeinated gum already exists on the market, but in our experience it tastes terrible,” said Yoshimura in a Time interview.

“We also didn’t want to create something that makes you energized and then 20 minutes later you are crashing. We wanted to create something that kind of slows down the peak of the caffeine so you have an even boost.”

While the product is available now at $3.95 a pack, the FDA is still looking into safety issues in adding caffeine to food and beverages. The announcement from back in 2013 was enough to cause Wrigley’s to hold up their plans on their own caffeinated-gum.

The FDA says that the only time the agency has explicitly approved the added use of caffeine in a food product was for cola in the 1950s.

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