Classifying the Worst Types of People: Gym Edition – Part 2

Classifying the Worst Types of People: Gym Edition – Part 2

We explored some of the worst types of personalities you may come across at your local gym. Here’s Part 2 of our installment on the foulest fitness junkies!

The Stinky Steve.

Many reputations have been stained from poor gym hygiene.

Apart from a disinterest in personal cleanliness, the Stinky Steve is a true slimeball, dripping all over the communal equipment and not wiping it down afterwards. We mean, we all accept there’s a certain threshold of ‘yuck’ in most public gyms, but this is downright disrespectful to gym etiquette.


And it’s not just the nasty factor: skin infections, like jock itch or ringworms, can quickly spread in a confined, smelly gym, making personal hygiene a collective effort.

Keep a rotation of gym outfits throughout the week, and never leave home without your trusty deodorant stick.

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The Shower Singer.

Just when you’re fully focused on breaking your personal deadlifting best, a whirlwind of a person passes you by, ruining your perfect mindset.

Not only does this person have their headphones blaring, but they’re singing even louder, like they’re trying to one up their iPod.


Unless you’re a Grammy Award-winning artist (and even then it’s a stretch), singing in the gym is distracting to others, is annoying, and will show the world you’re tone deaf.

Keep the ear pollution at home, or save it for the showers.

The Texter.

This gym personality is more of a personal annoyance than a public one. Sure, someone consistently texting on their phone won’t interrupt your gym flow, but them taking up gym space in their quest for a new profile picture will.


According to a Hapers Fitness survey, the average gym-goer wastes up to 35% of each workout session on non-fitness activities, like texting, emailing, and taking photos. This tip is more for you, rather than the other texters in your vicinity.

To get the most out of your sessions, remember the Ciniplex pre-movie message: Don’t be a ‘Tommy Texter’.

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Team Try-Hard.

Team Try-Hard, as the name suggests, is a group effort – it’s a group effort to amplify this type of annoyance in the gym.

The Team is based on a group of 3+ that do everything together, from bench pressing, spotting, and even mid-session banter; they never walk alone.


This hive personality not only irks gym-goers around them, but the members of Team Try-Hard are simply unfocused, and won’t get a quality workout in. If you’re catching yourself slowing forming an organic Team at the gym, try to show up at different times, work in sets of two at the most, or train in different areas on dissimilar days.

If you really must insist on sweating with your colleagues, there’s always CrossFit.

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