Shoppers Drug Mart is Now Selling Medical Marijuana Online

Shoppers Drug Mart is Now Selling Medical Marijuana Online

Shoppers Drug Mart’s ecommerce platform for medical cannabis distribution is up and running.

It only took a month for the Canadian medicine stores to get this new business operational after getting the green light from Health Canada to sell the products online.

Product information is available nationally, but Shoppers Drug Mart can initially only sell medical cannabis to patients in Ontario.


Buyers will need to take a medical document, similar to a standard prescription, to the Ontario pharmacy to initiate the process. Specialized advisers will then contact patients, review their medical history, and provide support with online registration and product selection.

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Shoppers Drug Mart currently has 10 supply agreements signed with licensed producers of both dried cannabis and cannabis oil. The company’s medical marijuana license was granted in September last year, after applying in October 2016. They have no interest in producing their own medical cannabis, they said.

Under current Health Canada regulations, the only legal distribution method will be by mail order from licensed producers, direct to patients.

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