How Your Smartphone Might Be Ruining Your Life

How Your Smartphone Might Be Ruining Your Life

Before you download that new app…The perils of too much screen time is not a new notion these days but have you ever considered just how your smartphone might be hurting you?

Well, some researchers not only looked into exactly how your health might be affected but as a result they also suggest that the devices should come with a warning.

It was found that too much smartphone use could be damaging your quality of life and even go as far as contributing to addictive behavior and narcissism, according to a study by the University of Derby and published in the International Journal of Cyber Behaviour, Psychology and Learning.

For the study, the researchers assessed the survey responses of 256 smartphone users.  The participants were asked questions about their device use and personality traits. The results showed that 13 percent of the participants were “addicted” to their smartphones and spent close to 4 hours a day on the devices.

The majority of time wasted on their devices was on social networking sites (87 percent of users) followed by instant messaging apps (52 percent) and news apps (51 percent.)

Contributing factors that lead to a decrease in quality of life as a result of device addiction included lack of communication with family and friends and hindering other areas of daily life such as employment and studies.




Sources: IJCBPL
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