Why Mondays Are So Hard

Why Mondays Are So Hard

It’s not just in your head-there are real reasons why going back to work is difficult.

If you work shifts and the days all run into one another, you don’t have to worry about all this. You likely have other concerns.

For the rest of us though, Mondays can hurt. Why is it so difficult to face the beginning of the week, apart from the fact that it always follows two blissful days of holiday?

Here are 5 reasons Mondays are a pain in the neck, and what you can do about it:

1) You Actually Hate Your Job


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Some of us are blessed with actually liking what we do, but others really hate their job. It causes anxiety and mild depression even just thinking about going in.

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If this is you, when weekends come, you have two whole days to be yourself. Once the workweek starts though, you’ve got to jam yourself back into a mold that doesn’t fit.

Solution? Get that job application in for Tuesday.

2) You Have No Work-Life Balance


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If you find Mondays hard but you do actually enjoy what you do, you could be suffering from work-life balance. You go hard all week and never take a break til Saturday- if even then. So, when Monday returns, you’re not necessarily ready to dive in again. It’s your mind and body telling you, you need to slow down.

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Try re-balancing things, and finding a way to take mini breaks along the way. Movie night on Wednesday?

Maybe that’s why cheap night was originally on Tuesdays- even way-back-when, everyone needed a break.

Your relationships outside of work are equally important, including those with yourself, some down time, family, and friends.

3) Your Body Clock is Being Thrown Off


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If you get extra sleep on the weekends it’s a good thing, but beware. Changing your sleep patterns every five or six days breaks up the natural rhythms in your body. This could make you more sleepy, come Monday.

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Being too tired can of course mean you’re more easily irritated, impatient and displeased, in general.

4) You Just Want to Chat


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Experts say that our tribal roots make us want to chat when we return to work on Monday.

It’s not just about catching up with what’s happened in everyone’s lives, it’s about fitting in. What are people’s opinions? What do they like and dislike now?

We have a social need to check in after our short holiday. Because of this, Monday can seem difficult as the need to get back to work is acting against our instincts that are telling us to hang out.

5) It’s the Most Unhealthy Day of the Week


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Maybe your instincts are also warning us. A study done by researchers at Maryland University found that heart attacks and strokes happen most often on Mondays, even for those who aren’t employed.

In general, your chances of falling sick on a Monday are higher. Come Monday, your mind and body might be telling you to ‘just stay away’, and that it will all be better on Tuesday.

What can you do to survive the first day of the week, and maybe even enjoy it? Check out these tips on Psychologies.co.uk by Viki Wilson , and take back the day.

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